[BUG] URL Parameters

I’ve been dealing with some issue on URL Parameters.
I have a parameter call ‘idOrcamento’ on my URL Parameter that filters data on queries in my page.
Accessing throw buttons which I put some script and open on system.perspective.navigate() function It work just fine as bellow

But now, if I change the parameter directly on the URL and load the page, the data don’t refresh. The page loads with the old parameter data.

When it should be loaded the data bellow

When I was using ignition version 8.1.2 stable, it was working just fine but when I do updated to 8.1.5 stable I got this issue…

Does anyone know how to fix it?

This functionality was broken in 8.1.5 and repaired in 8.1.6: [Bug-2419] Perspective URL Params do not update page on subsequent changes - #5 by Carl.Gould

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