[BUG] v8.0.15 v8.1.9 Find/Replace not working for Vision Templates

I’m trying to replace all references of [shared] used by Template instances after converting a project to v8 as using this means the link is broken to the template (changes to the template don’t reflect in these instances of it), but the find replace tool isn’t replacing this text :frowning: It replaces the text in the preview area in the Find/Replace tool, but not in the actual resource.
There are LOTS of places that need replacing, 300 or so, and i’m loath to do this manually…

Replacing things in Windows does work.

There’s a weird quirk with the Find/Replace dialog (for Vision, specifically). Are you closing the find/replace dialog before opening these templates to look at them? The actual edit isn’t applied until you do that.

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Ah, nope I left it open. I’ll give that a go! Cheers

Yep that worked. Very strange! Thanks again

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