[BUG] v8.1.0 Cannot copy and paste UDT definition tags from one Designer to another

I have two gateways and i’m merging tag changes from one to the other. It’s a bit messy as there were changes made to both systems so for UDTs that have changes to import, I can’t simply import the whole UDT to replace the existing as there may have been tags added. I wrote a tool to compare the changes between tag json, so I have a list of the differences between the systems.

The simplest way for me to then merge the changes, would have been for me to open the UDT definition on both and copy and paste the tags added and modified from the old across to the new. However, pasting doesn’t do anything when I try to paste into the new GW UDT.

Workaround but can you export on the old and import into the new in a temp folder and copy-paste from new/temp->new and delete the temp folder when you’re done? Probably a ton more clicks still but maybe saves some time. Alternatively export both, make the changes in a text editor then import

I’ve run into a fair bit of copy-paste bugs w/ bindings in 8.0 :\

I just ended up copying the tag json from the old and pasting into the new, then copying the tags, but it could have been much simpler!

Yep, they’ll eventually all get ironed out, but they’re a bit frustrating in the meantime though :sweat_smile:

This, the tree auto-scrolling and auto-collapsing, Perspective bindings either not copy-pasting or having to redo all of them when re-ordering a flex repeater (still salty about that one), loads of clicks to do anything… Ignition can be brutal. I swear it’s a proper incubator for repetitive strain injury

I loathe the trend toward GUI everything. One day we’ll have a console version of Ignition complete with Vim bindings