BUG - Value doesn't appear instantly in a DateTime Input component present in a subview of a table, when the output data is a list of dictionaries

Hello everyone,

I’m dealing with an akward bug when using subview in a table and I don’t know how to solve it. First of all, I have a column in the table that i wanted to have some style in it. So, I made a change on the output of the table, instead of receiving a dataset, I changed to a list of dictionaries for adding the style. Second, in my subview I have the component DateTime Input which receives the value from a parameter through a binding. The values passed from the database, through this parameter, are working fine. But there is a problem when expanding the subview of some row, that if there is any value on the corresponding parameter, the value doesn’t appear instantly in the DateTime Input. It only appears if I pass the mouse over other row of the table. And there is no mouse over event. I already tested the situation that if I don’t make the transformation between a dataset and a list of dictionaries, it works just fine.

Is there any way to appear the value instantly on the DateTime Input having the output of the table being a list of dictionaries? Thanks.

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