[BUG] View-type columns won't accept actions when a new row is added

My setup is as follows:

I have two tables, Table 1 does not change. Table 1 has a column that has a view in it with a “plus” icon, acting like a button. When clicked, this button adds the corresponding row to Table 2 (but does not remove it from Table 1).

Table 2 has a view column like in Table 1, except this one removes the corresponding row from Table 2. The adding/removing is being done by a message being sent from the column inner views that is received by the view containing the tables.

The process for recreating this bug is as follows:

  1. Press the “add” button which will dynamically add a row to Table 2.
  2. Try to click the “remove” button on the newly-added row in Table 2. It doesn’t work, the click action doesn’t fire (and also: I have the cursor set to be “pointer” on the icon, and the cursor doesn’t actually change when hovering over it). Any rows that were already in the table are unaffected and can be removed via the icon-button like normal.
  3. Once a new row is added, or another row is deleted, the previously-new row will be fixed, its “delete” button can now be clicked.

I hope that this sufficiently explains the bug, it’s kinda weird.

Update: Turns out this happens when the view cell is selected in the table.