[BUG] Vision: Selected component moves to mouse clicked coordinates sporadically

This has been a long term frustration for me and a colleague of mine since first starting to use Ignition 3 years ago. I haven’t yet checked to see if it happens in v8, but certainly all versions of 7.7+ that i’ve tried, including 7.9.12. Edit: happens in Windows 7, 10, server 2016

Sporadically, but not uncommonly, after editing a component’s properties (might include adding an event handler script, binding expression, etc.) and then clicking on another area of the Window design area to deselect the component, the component will sometimes be moved to the location I clicked. Undo will not undo the move, as I suspect it is a bug and is not captured by the undo stack.

Here is a screen capture of it happening. This took 1min 30s to happen, clicking on different components and opening various property bindings, but i’ve cropped it to keep it short and uploadable:


See component moves after last open of a binding editor, then finally clicking outside of Window display area. black Boxes added to hide confidential property.

When the component moves, you can only select the component by clicking on where it moved from; clicking on the component where it moves to will deselect it, as if it hasn’t actually moved there (seems like a phantom component). Also, saving and closing the Window and reopening will show the component back in its original place… However, if I resize the component after it moves, it then accepts its new position.

Interesting. I’ve never seen anything like that, in 12 years with Ignition and IA legacy products. What OS? {I’ve always used Linux with Ignition, which might be relevant.}

You probably guessed it already, but Windows ;). Both 7 and 10 (+ server)

Yes, I think I’ve seen this on Windows too, albeit more rarely than it sounds like you have.

For me it happens every day, multiple times a day.

Still happening in 8.1.9… and yes, Windows 10…

Any kind of consistent replication would help a lot in getting this fixed. I suspect no one in IA, or at least in QA, has had this happen (often enough) to file a ticket for it.

That’s the thing: it’s not consistent and it’s hard to replicate…
Usually, when that happens to me, I try to do the same steps again, and it won’t happen.
Then after 2 hours or 8 hours or 5 minutes, bum… happens again.

And it happens exactly as @nminchin said in the first post.

For what it’s worth, I notice this far more often when I’m working in a VM rather than on the base OS. (All Windows 10 Pro or Enterprise)

Came here looking for this issue as it happens to me daily and it’s mildly infuriating.

I can replicate. 7.9.17.

  1. I click on any component in the vision window design area
  2. Switch to another component, but via the tree in the project browser.
  3. Edit a parameter on whatever component I’ve switched to in the tree, i.e. a text field etc. Note, I don’t actually have to edit the parameter, just gain focus on it in the property editor panel.
  4. Exit the focus of the parameter by clicking anywhere on the window I’m editing.

The component I selected in step 1 moves to where I clicked. ctrl+Z doesn’t move it back to where it was either.

Edit: Windows 10, Java 8-221

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Yup, it’s still happening in 8.1.10.

Hmm, I followed those steps (I think!) and I’m not getting the same issue:

Does it seem to matter what component type(s) you’re selecting, what type of property you edit, etc?

@zxcslo, are you able to reproduce with Chris’ steps?

I don’t have a 7.9 install handy and haven’t been able to replicate with those steps in 8.1.9 on Windows 10.

Hmmm, I’ve jumped the gun on the repeatability part.

I’ve gone to the same screen, same components on the same OS and it’s not doing it at this time. Only difference is I’ve saved and closed the designer overnight and opened it again this morning.

Does it seem to matter what component type(s) you’re selecting, what type of property you edit, etc?

Not that I noticed. Next time it happens I’ll try and take note of what was different between then and now, and see if I can get it to happen between designer sessions.


Well… no.
But like with many things, when you want them to happen, they won’t… and then when you don’t want them to happen, they will…

Will try to pay attention when this happens again.