Bug: Vision Tag Tree mouseover not working

It looks like on 8.0.6 (havent tested anything else) that the Mouseover Text of a Vision Tag Browse Tree component doesn’t work.

Also I couldn’t find any method of the tag browse tree that would let me get the tag path of what the mouse is currently hovering over. Is that possible? This would be handy to show more info about a tag in the tool tip.

To really customize the appearance of the tag browse tree (or change the tooltip text) you’d have to implement your own TreeCellRenderer and set it on the (inner) component that actually represents the JTree. If you’re comfortable with scripting, I can go into more detail on how to do that, but it’s a not-particularly trivial operation, so I wouldn’t necessary recommend it.

The ‘right’ way to do this would be for us to implement an extension function to allow you to provide your own tooltip text - that would be a good feature request for ideas.inductiveautomation.com.

Thanks for the reply.

That sounds like it will take more time than we’re willing to spend right now, I think for now we’ll just go with a label that shows the information we want in the corner. Just wanted to give a heads up that although there is a mouseover property, it doesn’t appear to show anything, even static text.

It seems like I’m running into this issue in 8.1.1. Is it possible to update the documentation to at least state that the Mouseover Text property isn’t working as intended?