[BUG] Weird Resource Edit Status Behavior Between Projects

Running into an issue where I have two separate Perspective projects on the same gateway and if I create a hierarchy of folders/views with identical names in each project, they will show up with the “user is editing this resource” icon in the designer Project Browser when the view is open in the other project.

Not sure if it matters, but the original project on this machine was the builtin “simplequickstart” project. I then created a new second project from scratch (no “Parent Project” selected). In the second project, if I create a view sub-directory called “home” with a view inside called “home-large”, whenever I have the “home-large” view open in the first project (simplequickstart) it will show the icon next to the view with the same name in the second project indicating “user is editing this resource”. I do not get the reverse behavior though (i.e. - opening the resource in the second project does not show the same icon in the “simplequickstart” project). Doesn’t even have to be a copy of the view from one project to the other. Can be views with completely different contents, just as long as they have the same file path and name.

Is this a bug or just something I’m not understanding with how Perspective resources exist on the gateway?

I am running the gateway and both project designers on the same machine: Mac OS 10.15.2. Ignition 8.1.0 rc2.