Bug with alarm status table and journal?

I just noticed the Label property in both the alarm journal and status table displays the alarm Name instead of the Label when the Name is left as default, is this a bug or is this expected?

If you added a name to Label (no longer left blank) after the event was generated, then the value still being the Alarm Name on the alarm status table would be expected since the alarm event had already been generated and stored in memory for alarm status and the database for the alarm journal. Are you seeing that the label remains as “Alarm” or the alarm name after you trigger a new alarm with that new label configured?

If i manually create a new tag then you are correct, the label will display accurately. I imported all of the tags, and all of those did not show the label correctly when new events occurred. Ill have to do more testing, but i am pretty sure the labels were already in place when the alarm events happened.

I cannot replicate, must have been my mistake somewhere. Thanks for the help!