[BUG-YT-302] Project Inheritance Forcing Overrides

We are still trying to find some re-producible steps, but we keep having issues with inherited projects (in this case the “global” that was auto created from the 7.9 upgrade.

Many of our projects have a full copy of the global resources within the project and stop using the inheritance. We need to manually go into the project and delete out all the overrides to re-enable the inheritance. We are not adding the overrides, Ignition seems to be copying them in. We do use EAM Send Project to do all our deployments, so trying to replicate and see if this might be related.

Anyone else having issues with project inheritance or tips to verify all is working well?

EAM send project might be a good clue. What version of Ignition 8 are you using? Can you be more specific about which kinds of resources you’re having this issue with?

Ignition 8.0.16 (noticed it in 14, 15 too, but after a few more recent deployments and an upgrade of another GW last night noticed it more as not a fluke)

For Send Project, sending the entire project with a single level inheritance. Project>global. Notice it with project scripts, vision templates, and named queries, so I think it applies to all resource types. Will try to replicate a bit more today. Upgrading from 7.9 seemed to complicate the issue, so was hard to tell what was what last night during the upgrade.

It’s important to note which kinds of resources you’re seeing the issue with.

I say this because, e.g., resources like gateway event scripts are not resource-per-script, they are just one big “blob” of a resource for all the gateway event scripts. So if you edit anything about gateway event scripts in the child project (startup, shutdown, timer, tag change), you’ve now overridden that entire resource.

Good to know, this is all with “individual” resources AFAIK. Project scripts, vision templates, named queries.

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Ok, definitely something with EAM Send Project…

I opened the Target project on the Target Gateway and found their there were resources in shared.* overridden. I then deleted all the overrides and saved the project. I also verified there is no overrides setup in the project on the Source Gateway.

Pre-deploy of EAM Task:


Then I created and executed 2 EAM tasks. The first was a Send Resources of the global project for 3 script resources and one named query. After the first task, I checked the project on the target and all was still good, no overrides created as expected.

Then, second EAM task was to Send Project (full project). After task was done, I checked the destination and all resources in folders were overridden. Now, I find it odd only the NESTED objects were overridde, not the top level script objects… maybe something there?


We’re aware of an issue with parent resources being included in the child project if the source project is from an Agent. Is this the case here? Is your source project from an Agent?

The issue described above has been fixed and should be in the next 8.1 nightly.

Yes, all the EAM tasks are agent <> agent.

Yeah, then it sounds exactly what I just fixed. It should be in today’s 8.1 nightly.

Great, been taking a long time to clean up the inheritance across multiple projects on multiple gateways… Is the bug in the EAM module only? AKA Can I fix it with just the nightly of the module, or was it an entire platform issue?

Yeah, it’s just an issue within the EAM module.

I don’t think you can install an 8.1 module into an 8.0 gateway though…

:unamused: ok, how about what version was it introduced? :grin:

It’s always existed in the 8.0 branch. I’ll get you an early build of the module for 8.0.17.

Perfect, that would be awesome!

Any known ETA on this?

It’s fixed for 8.1.0. I’m not aware of any plans to backdate the fix into the (likely final) 8.0.17.

I don’t see this in the 8.0.17 release notes, did this not make it in? Could I get a copy of the EAM module with the fix?