[BUG-YT-336] Exception launching designer


I have had the following start appear sometimes when launching the designer.


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Hmm. Similar to this one: Vision Client Launcher not Working

@jcoffman you seen anything like this?

I’ve noted this error as well this morning:


This does however just seem to indicate that a crash file has been created already in the cache. The original error is as follows:


Anyone else seeing this?

Seem to have found a solution/workaround:

Delete the jre-win folder as above. The path is given in the 1st error message FileAlreadyExistsException.

Launch designer again and the original AccessDeniedException error is no longer as the 11.0.7 folder is created successfully.



I think we can change jre-win folder name to 11.0.7 to solve this problem.

A rename should fix this issue, I have opened a bug ticket to get this addressed asap.

Jonathan C


I ran into this on only 2 (of quite a few) computers after updating to 1.0.16 client launchers (not designers)… not sure what made them special. Renaming the folder worked if tapping Exit in this dialogue and then relaunching. Renaming did not work if I tapped Retry.

Same error on 8.0.16 with 1.1.0rc2 Vision Client Launcher on Windows. Deleting jre-win folder seems to fix.

I have received the same error when I tried to run Designer with the v8.0.16. Java version is 11.0.7. Despite having the possible solutions to this bug from IA guys, unfortunately none of them worked for me, but the following worked:

  • Go to C:\Users\yourusername
  • Delete folder “.ignition”
  • Run Ignition Designer

Hope it would help to others until the bug is handled in the next versions.

I have the same problem when I update to 8.1.0RC1
But, when I update the client side, 20 PCs, only 3 PC have the same problem as you

what I do is delete all the runtimes, then download again, it works

This issue has an associated fix which is going through Quality Assurance and should be part of the 8.1.1 release. (No promises in case something prevents this change from getting merged, but its pretty low risk so i don’t suspect that)

The good thing here is that the next java version bump won’t happen until after this change goes in, so you shouldn’t see this issue starting with the next version (11.0.8)

Hope that helps,
Jonathan C