[BUG2025] Perspective Gauge Animation

When using the Perspective gauge with the ‘animate’ property checked, it seems that the needle returns to it’s zero point upon a component refresh until the value changes again. This does not happen if the animation is disabled. I am currently using v8.1, but I have noticed it in previous versions. Has anyone else come across this behaviour?

In my specific case, this is an issue because I am changing the background colour which causes the component to refresh. Because the value binding does not change often, the needle remains at the zero point for extended periods of time, providing a false reading.

Also, is it possible to separate out the needle animation from the component fade animation?

Does it also happen when changing animation to True ? If not, a possible workaround would be to disable animation, change the background, then re-enable animation.

@pturmel, good suggestion. The animate property change does not seem to cause a component refresh, so this could be a viable workaround.

Additionally, on first load of the component, the animate state could be set to false then set to true after a delay or value change.

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Old post, but finally got round to doing some more testing. It seems this is a bug related to page focus.

If you create a new view, put a gauge on it, add a tag binding to the value prop (works best with slow poll time) you should see the issue if you are not initially focused on the object (create multiple instances of it on page to see the difference).

When you move your focus outside/inside of the viewport (I’m assuming this is page focus lost/gained) the needle will update. As stated previously, the needle will also update on a tag value change. The issue seems to be related to focus change. (Note: this was tested in a browser, when done in the designer the issue still happens, but you have to wait for a tag change as I am guessing there is not the same concept of ‘focus’ in the designer compared to a browser)

Another weird occurrence is that you can sometimes see the needle in the correct position on refresh then it suddenly jumps back to the 0 point after a few milliseconds. The only reason I noticed this is due to predominantly working through the office VPN, meaning the response times are a bit slower and highlighting the issue.

Anyway, I have flagged it with support and I will feedback anything found.

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Looks like this will be fixed in 8.1.5 here