BUGS: Editing UDTs


I’ve come across a couple of bugs when creating new items in a UDT.

  1. Vanishing tags
    a) While editing a UDT, create a new folder.
    b) Drag an existing tag in the UDT into the new folder.
    Issue: The existing tag disappears and cannot be brought back without cancelling all changes.
    Workaround: After creating the new folder, apply the change before dragging any tags into it.
    I’ve had my tags deleted due to this, from other engineers making changes to UDTs and not knowing about this bug.

a) While editing a UDT, nest another UDT instance within the UDT and Apply the change.
b) Rename the nested UDT instance’s template.
c) Open the UDT again and reassign the nested UDT instance’s parent type to the renamed template.

Issue: the nested UDT’s tags become implanted in the root level rather than inside the nested UDT’s level.
Note: The orange dotted tags are those that should be included under the nested ‘Mixer’ UDT instance.

Applying the changes restores them to their correct location, albeit the first few times this happens is a little scary…

Your best bet for reporting bugs is to contact support.

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