Build Number b0

I am deploying a new module developed with the SDK.
I need to set the proper build number, based on the build timestamp.
Following the tips of your user guides and the forum, I always get “b0” after compiling it.

The code in the module pom file is:

<module-name> KPI</module-name>
<module-description>A module that provides the implementation of new KPI functionalities</module-description>

Where am I wrong?
Thank you so much.

Best regards,

You would need to include the build number in the version you specify when configuring the ignition-maven-plugin in your build module.

If you copied from the examples it probably just looks like this:


You would need to modify this so it is in the format

Hi Kevin,
thank you for the reply.

I did it, but the build number results always 0.
In the configuration tag (in the buid pom file):


I copied it from the examples, where the version is:

Let me know if I can give you further details.
Thank you so much!

Well what I’m saying is that using ${project.version} is not sufficient. You need to change it to use your custom buildNumber property somehow.

Thank you Kevin, I understood. Now the build number is as expected.