Building a Dynagraph card In Perspective

What would be the recommend control to build out a dynagraph card in Perspective? There are a couple of trends available, I was wondering if anyone had any experience, tips, or suggestions on this topic.

Easysvg is a nice little wrapper to make svg files. Unzip and put in the gateway’s
user-lib/pylib/site-packages folder. You may need to restart your designer afterwards. (6.7 KB)

Sample view. (51.0 KB)

	import ast, math, easysvg, base64
	def roundup(value):
		''' Round value up to next 100 '''
		return int(math.ceil(float(value)/100) * 100)
	dataIn = self.getSibling("Table")	
	xIn= dataIn.getColumnAsList(0)
	yIn= dataIn.getColumnAsList(1)

	maxX = roundup(max(xIn))
	maxY = roundup(max(yIn))
	padding = 200
	gridSpacing = 100
	# create graphic 
	svg = easysvg.SvgGenerator()
	# set graphic size
	svg.begin(roundup(max(xIn))+2*padding, roundup(max(yIn))+2*padding)
	for x in range(0, maxX + gridSpacing, gridSpacing):
		# draw grid line
		# draw axis value
		svg.text(str(x), 0, 0, font_size=50, anchor = 'start', alignment_baseline='middle', transform =  'translate(' + str(x+padding) + ',' + str(maxY+padding+10)+') rotate(90)')
	for y in range(0, maxY + gridSpacing, gridSpacing):
		# draw grid line
		# draw axis value
		svg.text(str(y), padding-10, y+padding, font_size=50, anchor = 'end', alignment_baseline='middle')
	for x1, y1, x2, y2 in zip(xIn, yIn, xIn[1:], yIn[1:]):
		# draw data line
		svg.line(x1+padding, y1+padding, x2+padding, y2+padding, stroke_width=2)
	# finish graphic
	# display image
	self.getSibling("Image").props.source = 'data:image/svg+xml;base64,' + base64.b64encode(svg.get_svg())

This is perfect! Thank you very much!