BuiltIn Images are missing

I recently installed a fresh version of Ignition 8.0.6 and have just noticed that most of the built in images that come pre-installed in Image Management are missing. When I click on the main Builtin/ folder the only folder in it is icons/. Gone are the folders: Agitator, Air Flow…
Any thoughts are where these are and why they didn’t get installed.
And the easiest way to get these back now that i’m in the middle of a project already.

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They’re gone in fresh 8.0 installations because they were worse, rasterized versions of the (now free) symbols in Symbol Factory. If you can’t find an alternative in Symbol Factory, then you’ll have to manually add the images from a 7.9 gateway, or restore a .gwbk and start developing your project on that.

Thanks! I rarely ever use these, but just ran into a case to grab a couple. I actually already did the restore from a blank 7.9 gateway backup I had and that did the trick.