Bulk delete windows from list


Someone bulk imported 1500+ screens into ignition on accident and I'm trying to find the most efficient way to remove them. Is there a script or something I can use to delete based off name? I was thinking about deleting the folders from the server itself using python, but I was worried about unintended consequences.

Thank you

Deleting the corresponding project resources in the data/projects folder seems like a reasonable approach. Take a Gateway Backup before you run your script just in case you goof it up some how. Restart the Gateway after it runs.

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Hey we tried these 4 steps, but the windows were still grayed out in designer

  • Cleared local cache
  • reimported the project
  • restarted the gateway
  • saving/merging the project

When I did a test run one window delete all I had to do was save and the option saying "do you wanna keep the gateway or designer version came up" I clicked gateway and all the gray windows got deleted. I wasn't able to recreate the steps to delete all the windows. Kinda confused why it didn't work when I went to do it in bulk, but 1 window worked.

Thank you

Contact support and they can guide you through the process, if you're having trouble.
It sounds like you might have project inheritance at play, which slightly complicates things?

But the general advice would be:

  1. Take a gateway backup.
  2. Close any running designers.
  3. Locate the project resources on disk on the gateway machine; typically in the installation folder, under the data/projects directory. There will be a folder per project, then a folder for each modulwe type (e.g com.inductivateautomation.vision for Vision resources), then a resource type folder (e.g. windows). Then whatever path shows up in the project browser.
  4. Stop the gateway.
  5. Delete whatever folder paths you want to be removed.
  6. Restart the gateway.
  7. Relaunch the designer.