Bulk tag edits. System.tag.editTag() deprecated in ver 8 replaced with system.tag.configure() - should I wait on development?

This is primarily aimed at bulk tag edits. We are currently using version 7.9.6. I’d like to begin development of a bulk tag editing feature that would allow users to search for tags based on certain attributes such as engineering units, tag names, etc. and make changes to the configuration. We would like to be able to easily ensure historical collection settings such as historical deadband, historical deadband mode, and historical scan classes, are all set per a standard for that class of tag.

system. tag.edittags would give us that option. But I see that that function is deprecated in 8.0; and a new function system.tag.configure is available. What would happen to my scripts if I used system.tag.edittag in 7.9 then I upgraded to 8.0 or 8.1; how will the upgrade handle the deprecated function calls?

Should I wait on development until after we have upgraded? Thanks all for your input.

In most cases, we do our very best to bridge legacy functions over, and anything you do using editTag should continue to work in 8.0…however, for your own sanity, it’s a lot easier to work with system.tag.configure than the legacy functions, so you may as well wait.

Although, I don’t know if this applies as far back as 7.9.6, but system.tag.configure actually does exist in some 7.9 versions, it’s just not documented/intellihinted - I believe the interface is the same as it is in 8, which might just be the best solution for you - use the new function in your existing version (following docs from the new version) and then you’ve got a seamless upgrade to the new, supported version.

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