Buscando Desarrollador Ignition / Looking for Ignition Developer

Buenas tardes.

En nuestra empresa estamos buscando un desarrollador con experiencia en Ignition para diseñar unas ventanas de un SCADA.

Si alguien está interesado, puede contestar a este mensaje.
Es necesario hablar español.


Good afternoon.

In our company we are looking for a developer with experience in Ignition to design some SCADA windows.

If anyone is interested, you can reply to this message.
It is necessary to speak Spanish.

Best Regards.

This isn’t a forum to post job opportunities

No, this is the general discussion category. Looking for an integrator is allowed here.

I moved it from Ignition to General, fwiw.

We’ve allowed posts like this in the past, although it would be preferable if an English translation accompanied it.

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