Button 3D effect

Where can I find an example of the scripting .backgorund3D to give a 3d appearance to buttons?

The Symbol Factory module is very useful when 3-D Pushbuttons are needed.

For example, in Vision we can use two symbol factory buttons to make a 3D button animation. We would use the “3-D red button (not pressed)” symbol as our default symbol when the button is not active. When a user presses the button, we will disable the visibility for the not pressed button, and enable the visibility for the “3-D red button (pressed)” symbol. This means the users will see the 3D symbols change and it will mimic a real button press.

The scripting itself can be configured on the symbol components. The OnMouseDown() event can be used to enable the pressed button symbol, and the OnMouseUp() event can disable the pressed button symbol.