Button click not working in table,If row is selected

I have one table with button, It is is a template and I am rendering view for that column.
When row is selected and if I am clicking on button then that button click is not working.
How can I achive this.
any idea?

Glad that I am not alone; I have the exact same issue to open a popup showing more details. The click event works only if I directly click on the button when the row is not selected.

It is really annoying for the user, and it is impossible to click twice on the same button.

I believe we’re looking into long-term fixes for this, but in the short-term, have you considered removing the ability to select rows? You could set Table.props.selection.enableRowSelection to false, and this would prevent the overlay from intercepting your clicks.

Even if you need row selection to be available, you can short-circuit this process by sending a message from the buttons you are clicking to disable selection (this would remove the selection of the row which houses the button), and then immediately turn selection back on. This would prevent button clicks from selecting a row, while allowing clicks of the row to work as before.

Good news, the issue was solved in 8.1.1.

Release note:
“Selected rows within a Table Component no longer prevents click events to views rendered within the Table.”