Button color on client

Hi , when I click button ,change it’s color on one client , but when I use another client to check , this button color don’t change. Why ?

event.source.buttonBG = (71,255,71,255)
event.source.parent.getComponent(‘bt_unenable’).buttonBG = (238,236,232,255)

You are just changing the color of the instance of the component within your open vision client.

If you want to achieve this functionality, one way of doing it would be to bind the background color of the button to a memory tag (not a client tag either), and instead of changing the button color in your script, do a tag write to the memory tag (either with a string containing the color hex string, or an enumeration that is mapped to a color, depending on how you want to do the binding of your background color).

Thanks , Let me try !