Button effect disappear after color background change


I have 2 questions:
1… how to change the background color of the button and maintain the 3d shadows and mouse action (click, entering, exit)?

2… how to change the color of the image like an image control (“color swap”, “tint filter” etc)

PS please don’t tell to change an icon … I know this way

In v8.0.9 in Vision this is still an issue…

in v8.0.1 same problem ##@@##

In v8.1.1 RC1 in Vision, this is still an issue…

So … nobody has this problem?
Does someone have an idea of how to make a nice button with a different color in Vision?

I’m working with 8.1.3

Have you tried the style customizer?

buttonColorStyle.zip (4.3 KB)

is not what I ask; like you show the button is like win 3.11 I want the shadow, the mouse effect. why if i change the background all animation disappears?

Let’s back up a moment, as this was never discussed at the beginning.

Are we talking about Vision or Perspective? I don’t recall there being shadows available in Vision, unless we talking about gradients.

I think he’s talking about Vision.

These issues might be fixed in the upcoming LnF bugfixapalooza update. @PGriffith?

Yes, the main issue (buttons with non-default background color not looking at all like buttons) is going to be fixed when we drop in a new version of the Look-and-Feel, which should be pretty soon (hopefully, next few releases).

Hi @PGriffith in weeks how many are few releases? I have a project for almost 2 months … do you think I have a nice button or is better I create one?

It’s impossible to provide a timeline. We don’t guarantee specific features/bug fixes to specific released versions.

I wouldn’t rely on it happening within the next month.

Change your alternate color transparency to ~ 60 as a work around.

ohhhh work … not the best but is acceptable…
tanks a lot