Button navigation redirecting into tab container


I am looking to see how I could create a button redirecting “on click” to a certain coordinate container view, contained inside a 4Tab container.

The path is View/Tab Container/Coordinate Container1,Coordinate Container2,Coordinate Container3,Coordinate Container4.

Each Coordinate Container is a different page of the system I am representing, and each coordinate container are rescaled and shrinked into a single Overview Page representing all areas into 1 page(Similar to Canvas). Path:View/Coordinate Container1,Coordinate Container2,Coordinate Container3,Coordinate Container4(all in smaller ratio)

What I am trying to accomplish is create buttons for each shrinked containers of my Overview page and redirect directly to the relevant Coordinate container number,I am calling inside the Tab Container View for a wider clearer scale and details.

At the moment I am only able to redirect always on the initial tab1 of the tab container view.

Hope this makes sense…