Button not working

Hi I am having issues with all types of button (one shot, momentary, toggle…).
I made a simple toggle button and bind an opc tag to it. When pressed, I did not see any changes to the PLC, but if I used a script, then it worked. Can someone help please? Yes, I did tried with different button types, results were the same. They only worked when scripted.

Are you project comm settings set to read/write?

Yes, comm is set to read and write

Could you have something else writing to the same tag, either in your PLC or ignition project?
Also, which event handler are you using?

No, only the OPC tag from Ignition can write to this PLC tag.
What do you mean by event handler?

This is one of my buttons that fires on a mouse release.

I only use the event handler in the script, which worked. I like to use the button without writing the scripts. Where can i find this event handler without the script?

Pick an event, then use the Set Tag Value option.

so… I have to use the scripting component no matter what?

No, you can use bindings. Most likely you are missing “bidirectional” in your binding.

Yes, I did, thank you !