Button template dynamic border

Good day all…

I think my issue is simple. I have a button template that I am trying to dynamically set the border property based on template custom properties, but so far it’s not working and not making much sense (to me) as to why.

The custom template properties of button named btn_Command are:
c_BordColor (color)
i_BordWidth (integer)

When applying one of these expressions to the border binding:
• This works: toBorder(“line; blue; 2”)
• This does not: toBorder(“line; {btn_Command.c_BordColor}; {btn_Command.i_BordWidth}”)

Applying the second expression does set the border to line style, but it seems to ignore the color and width arguments.

Any suggestions?

Thanks for any assistance,


Because you have the bindings inside the quotes. You need to resolve the bindings and concat then pass that into toBorder

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Awesome. I thought it was something like that and was trying to resolve inside the quotes with toColor and toInteger. Seems perfectly clear now. Thank you!