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Hi, sorry for my English, it’s not my native language,
I come from Pascal/C++,C#/Java language and I’m new with Ignition Designer,
Please, with perspective mode, does someone can try to make a link URL with a Button, and show me your topic when you have success!!
Same thing for popup.
thanks a lot.

Hi @r.relouzat, welcome.

Just to be clear, do you need a button to navigate to a URL or are you trying to make a button look like a URL link (or both)?

Hello, good question, in fact i need an image to navigate to a URL when i click on it, but i m using a button for training, so yes i need a button to navigate to a URL

You can do this by right clicking on the component and selecting ‘Configure Events…’. For a button you can use the ‘OnActionedPerformed’ event, but for an image you will need to use something like ‘onClick’

In the ‘Organize Actions’ pane press the + button and add a navigation action. Below shows an example of this:

When using the URL option always make sure you have http:// or https://. If not Perspective will think you are trying to navigate to an internal URL such as a page.

Further information on event actions can be found here.

I already did it, either with “open in new tab” or not, unfortunatly Nothing happen

How are you testing this? I don’t think you can test it from the designer, it has to be done from a browser.

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in progress… haaa yes, thanks a lot, doesn’t work without “open in new tab” by the way, but ok with, thanks again

@r.relouzat good to hear you got it working. It should work without ‘open in new tab’, but this is still dependant on what testing environment you are using. Also, remember to always hit save in the designer to update the test browser.

ok, i do have to remember your council

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