Buttons on Ignition Edge

I have issue to create additional buttons on our existing HMI (Human Machine Interface) screen.
The button is a template which is functional for other button.
We have OPC > tag storage interface to our Beckhoff PLC program.
The template button is using a boolean 'Enabled' from the OPC data to change color and make is visible.
This all works for other buttons but not for my new ones.
One question is if we can have multiple button referring to the same PLC > OPC button data structure.
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If by this you mean, reading the value, then sure why not?

If what you have isn't working, then perhaps provide some information about what you have tried, what you expected, and what you actually got.

You'll find that we're a lot more helpful if armed with information. :wink:

It sounds like you are asking about Creating a Template.

No, we have a button template used on our screens.
It has a rectangle which is made visible changing the color using a 'Enabled' var from Tag storage.
That's work OK.

So the question on multiple buttons with single data set from tag storage is OK.
We have a data interface (HMI < tag storage > PLC (Beckhoff-Twincat) as Customer buttons.
one example:
I have 3x the same button:

On the right side is out existing button (Manual Controls group)
Left to this is a new group (Device Enable), to use the same button.
Fully left is one instance of the template button, without background and empty rectangle (placeholder)

Okay, so there is an error in the binding, what does that binding look like?

Here is the binding of a button which is OK.

with a root address definition:

Now re-use the same button:

same root address:

As we see above (live): right window button OK; left window button not OK

I add this for the visualization:

The only difference I see is that the button on the left has one less parent than the buttons on the right, so my guess is that one of your paths is wrong relative to the others. I wasn't able to discern which one it was from the pictures above. What is that visibility binding bound to?

The visibility is bound as follows.
Each button is an instance of our button template.

The visibility is set using the color of the rectangle.

The button template has the addresses for the link.
The 'Enabled' property of the 'Custom button' is shown in the picture 'Visualization'

To your comment:

We have the right group (Manual Contrtols) is the working one, the left one (Device Enable) is new and not OK.
I don't see what you mean by less parent, we have:
ButtonRelativeAddress = /uiManager/CustomButton/CustomButton_5_
RootAddress = Root Container.RootAddress_Device04
looks the same to me.

I mean that the button on the left appears to be nested directly in the root container, while the other buttons appear to be nested in a container that is nested in the root container. Therefore, the buttons on the right have two parents: their container and the root container, while the button on the left only has one parent: the root container.

Edit: try pasting the button into a container, and see if it fixes the problem. If so, at least you'll know for sure what you're looking for.

The button is in Container, is 'Device Enable'.

The red one on the main page is a simple test.

The button template does not have any scripting.

The visibility goes by the coloring:

The design is changed to use checkbox instead of buttons.
No solution for the button not being visible.
This topic will be stopped here.