[BYES Apps] Busy Label HMI components (Ignition 7.8.3+)

A Busy Label HMI components

Simply drop in the designer
Adjust size and color
Set busy properties ON or OFF.

7.8.0 to 7.8.2
HmiComponents-signed-1.0.0.modl (370 KB)

update for 7.7.x
HmiComponents-signed_7.7_v1.0.0.modl (369 KB)

Version of this module for Ignition 7.8

This module is FREE

HmiComponents-signed-7.8.modl (369 KB)

Hope this Help !

Version of this module for Ignition 7.8.3+

Upgrade for the new signing flavor from Ignition 7.8.3

This module is FREE

Code has been refactored.
Component’s name change.

Delete this components in windows before upgrading or
Use Shift / Right click on windows to export in xml and change name to :


The latest one kinda fell off the radar after the forum migration. Here it is: If the previous one gets re-attached, then this post can go away.
HmiComponents-signed-1.0.1.modl (389.0 KB)