[BYES Apps] Driver PING Module (Ignition 7.8)

Requirement: Ignition V 7.6.0 or greater
This module is FREE

A simple DRIVER PING MODULE to check the communication with ethernet equipement with ping requests.
Configure with an IP address range or a list
According to the number of equipement, increase the number of threads.

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Version of this module for Ignition 7.7
DriverPing-signed_7.7_v1.0.1.modl (13.8 KB)

Version of this module for Ignition 7.8

This module is FREE

DriverPing-signed-7.8.modl (13.8 KB)

Hope this Help !

Good morning,

Is this module still available? The link is no longer valid.

I’m interested too.
Can you please fix the link?

Thank you


DriverPing-signed-7.8.modl (13.8 KB)

Please fix the link again. Thanks.

I would also like to try this module, but the link is Dead. Thanks!

I would like also.
Can you please fix the link.

Many thanks

I need this function also. I think many IGNITION developers would use this function to monitor the quality of remote equipment.

Hi @mazeyrat, any chance of an updated version or a link to the source?

I have some idea for a better ping module for 7.9. Perhaps a new modules will be launched soon on the module showcase…


Help us, Half work module also is OK I will work on it.

hello @mazeyrat,
Can I get the ping module link for 8.0 version ,Thanks.

Here is the new module for Ignition 8.0.12+
You can create ping, snmp v1, v2c, v3 and trap listener devices.
you can read/write simple oid and read oid table.
I will perhaps release this modules.


I have created a Byes Ping device and I was expecting to see fields to enter IP address and range but all I have is as per image below. Am I missing something? Version 8.0.16

In this new version of the ping driver, you can create one device, for example [PingDevice].
Then you create opc tag with opcItemPath for each equipement you want to ping:


OK, this will return the device status (True/False). Is there any other info I can read such as ping rate?

How do I license this module. Gateway is saying its running as a trial and stops working.

Is this module still available? I would like to try it with version 8.1.2 if possible but the Dropbox file is deleted. I thought about trying the older versions posted but wanted to check first. Thanks!

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