[BYES Apps] OPC-UA Simulation Server (Ignition 7.8.3+)

This module is not for production purpose. Just a test Tool and a proof of concept.
The module is based on KEVIN HERRON’s OPC-UA SDK, the IA’s Drivers guru !
Thanks for the share :https://github.com/eclipse/milo

Why this ? because OPC tag in ignition, without a PLC connected can’t be forced !
Need to change every tag to memory, …

Link to download : https://www.dropbox.com/s/lz9kl0pscux4f86/UADriverSimulator-signed-1.0.1.modl?dl=0

Instructions :

This module create another OPC-UA Server inside Ignition for responding to an opc-ua client connection

This module browse Ignition Tag provider for OPC Tag’s and add Opc Nodes inside this server with the node id equals to the opc items

Ignition’s Tag Tree is reproduced inside the server

You just have to change your OPC-UA client connection (see Gateway \ OPC Connections \ Servers) to connect to this Server instead of the OPC-UA Server you want to substitute (Ignition OPC-UA Server, Kepserver (less usefull, tag simulate exist !), Siemens server…)
Endpoint : opc.tcp://localhost:12686/simu-server

So without PLC connected, the Mock OPC-UA Server has memory data you can Read/Write from ignition
or from another OPC-UA Client.

Settings : see C:\Program Files\Inductive Automation\Ignition\user-lib\ua-simu-server.properties

Example :

  • nameSpaceIndex=1 or 2 or 3, see your opc items (ns=x)
  • listRootPathWithProviderForTagBrowse=[default] or [default]Path/To/Folder1,[default]Path/To/Folder2
  • bindPort=12686, choose a tcp port available, same as Endpoint
  • serverOpc=Ignition OPC-UA Server or another OPC Server Connections Name you want to simulate

RESTART MODULE after changing ua-simu-server.properties file

Restrictions :
Only Tags from one OPC-UA Namespace can be simulated.

All folder are created inside the OPC-UA server are created even if a folder doesn’t contain any opc tag
WARNING : if lots of tags are simulated, the module consume lots of memory

Example :