[BYES Apps] Open Street Maps Viewer component (Ignition 7.8)

An Open Street Maps viewer component
See Module’s doc to configure.
Requirement: Ignition V 7.6.0 or greater

Features :

  • On line internet maps or off line maps hosted by a webserver like ignition gateway
  • Map marker position
  • Map marker animation
  • Map marker selection
  • Zoom control
  • Lots of properties to interact with ignition !

Feedbacks are welcome to improve it or correct bugs !

Version 1.0.0
MapViewer-signed-1.0.0.modl (255 KB)

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News features for v1.1.0 :

  • Add property ClickMode,SelectMode,MoveMaptMode to chose left or right mouse button (tested on windows)
  • Change cursor when move map
  • Add tooltips features on map markers

A fix for marker refresh after move.
MapViewer-signed-1.1.1.modl (204 KB)

Open Street Maps Viewer component is FREE !


Update of this module for 7.7 compatibilty.
MapViewer-signed-1.1.2.modl (204 KB)

Version of this module for Ignition 7.8

This module is FREE

MapViewer-signed-7.8.modl (204 KB)

Hope this Help !

The link for to download the module does not working anymore.
Can you fix the problem?
The module is valid also for the version 7.9x?

Thank you very much

Can you repost download link?, the link is down. Please

Could you repost your module or host it on a cloud service like Dropbox?

Did anyone manage to save this module? Can someone repost it?

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