[BYES Apps] Open Street Maps Viewer component

First of all, thank you for developing such a desired module. :thumb_right:

With regard to the beta version, I’have the following comments:

-Event handling doesn’t work properly, e.g. swapping the window by clicking on a marker.
-Latitude and longitude values should allow more digits after the decimal point, this is especially important when the sites are very near each other.
-It should be provided the possibility of customizing the markers, allowing the selection of a user-defined icon and the addition of a text label identifying the site (name of the factory, town, equipment, etc).
-Since users are already familiarized with other well-known GIS applications, I would add the possibility of scrolling the map with the mouse right button instead of the left one, as these applications do.

Finally I’d like to know what the final price of the module is going to be.


I am also interested to use this module.
Can we get some status update and pricing information?

Tommi Vahtera

I will publish a free release V1.1.1 soon…

Does anyone know how compatible this is with version 7.8?