[BYES Apps] Ping module

I use the ping module and it is working as expected.
However, after a month of normal use I’ve added a new IP address to ping into the list and now none of the tags are updated anymore.
When I look at a ‘ping’ tag there is a questionmark overlay on it and on the tag diagnostics page the error message says ‘Unknown’.
When I delete the IP address that I’ve just added the problem remains.

Any idea?

What is your ignition version ?
Have you tried to delete and recreate the device?

The version is 7.6.3
I tried deleting and recreating the device but the problem remained.
After creating a new device with a new name the new device works.

Try upgrade to 7.6.6 if possible.
I can remenber that I experiment some trouble when reusing the same name of device in previous Ignition release.

Is this module available anymore?

You can dl it at :
inductiveautomation.com/forum/v … 88&t=11813
For v7.6.x

[quote=“mazeyrat”]You can dl it at :
inductiveautomation.com/forum/v … 88&t=11813
For v7.6.x[/quote]

Unfortunately the module isn’t available there anymore (“file doesn’t exist”).

Also curious if this module will/needs to be updated for ignition 7.7??

I tried to download the Ping module by following the link but the file does not exist any more.
Is it possible to make it available again?
Does this module also works with ignition version 7.7?

Some link seem to be broken on the forum.
Will try to post it again.

In 7.7, SDK version has changed, so module for 7.6 must be rebuild.

Thank you for the module update for version 7.7
Is there a little instruction available how to use the module. I already installed it but have no clue how to use it.

Create a new ping device
and set parameter (list of address IP to ping (leave “-” if you use a root address with a start and end adress)
In designer, browse opc tag

Does this module need to be rebuilt for 7.8.0? I just upgraded from 7.7 to 7.8 and and I am getting an API version mismatch on the module.

Yes, need to be rebuild for 7.8.
I have a some trouble to sign the module with ia portal.
As soon as it will be ok, I will send the update for [BYES Apps] modules !