[BYES Apps] SNMP Basic Driver (Ignition 7.8)

A Basic SNMP Driver for Ignition
Specify oid list to get or walk. No mib browsing feature.
See module’s doc for more instructions.

Version of this module is for Ignition 7.8.X

update 1.0.2 to 1.0.3 : module and device shutdown fixes


Don’t worry about [DeviceSubscriptionItem] : No node set! gateway logger messages according to kevin post :
inductiveautomation.com/forum/v … tem#p56901

Snmp ressources for mib browsing to find oid :

Hope this Help !


Hey @mazeyrat

Is this driver still available? Looks like the attachment above is broken, and I’m interested in checking this out.

Here it is : SNMP-Basic-Driver-signed-1.0.8.modl (481.1 KB)


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Where do I find the module’s doc, the link only downloads the .modl file

In the gateway web page you have a link to the module doc.

Hey @mazeyrat this seems to work pretty well, thanks for sharing.

I’ve got a couple questions though: I can’t seem to add more than 20 oid items to the .properties file. After that, the entire list stops appearing in the OPC browser. Any ideas?

Also, any plans to add the ability to set tags?

Any reason that the links stop working?

Are you considering producing a paid version of this Driver?