[BYES Apps] Video player component

An video component based on VLC/VLCj
H264 compatible and all the vlc codec supported !
Version 1.0.0

Be careful :
Secure multiple instance with use of an external JVM for each component decoding process
for windows ignition client only
Tested with Ignition 7.6.2

See module documentation for more details…
Installation steps :

  1. Install VLC on windows client

2)Install VideoPlayer-signed-X.X.X.modl
Configuration\Module\Install or Upgrade a Module…
VideoPlayer-signed-X.X.X.modl => see last post

3)Install OutOfProcessPlayer jars on the client :
Copy in one directory of your choice (for example : D:/OutOfProcessPlayer), the followings jars :

videoplayer-client.jar => see last post

4)Launch the designer
A new palette is added

5)Test in designer or vision client
Add a components and Complete bindings :

MediaResourceLocator : The MRL syntax is: [[access][/demux]://]URL[#[title][:chapter][-[title][:chapter]]] [:option=value …]
Example for a file :
for a stream (see camera manual)
for example : rtsp://

PathOutOfProcessPlayer : Path for OutOfProcessPlayer jars, for example : D:/OutOfProcessPlayer
PathVLC : Path for VLC directory, for example : C:/Program Files/VideoLAN/VLC

Select " Start" MediaPlayerCommand.

Feedbacks are welcome to improve it or correct bugs !

9 simultaneous video components displayed in Ignition Vision !

Bug in PathVLC property setting. :frowning:

In Designer, when modify PathOutOfProcessPlayer or PathVLC after a MediaPlayerCommand,
close the windows and re-open before starting another MediaPlayerCommand.

I’ll try to improve that in next release.

A new release for the free video module based on VLC :

Major Improvements :

  1. Global Error Handling (logs, if path are not correct, modification and command retry are allowed : no need to destroy and create the component, …)
  2. Detect VLC install directory on Windows (if VLC path is empty). VLC Path only required for Linux
  3. Add Java Path to specify a particular JRE or if Java.home detection don’t works.

Tested on Win 7 32bits with ignition 7.6.x and VLC 2.0.8 and 2.1.0
Try on Linux (VLC path property required !), no tested for this moment.

Feedbacks are welcome to improve it or correct bugs or simply if it works for your configuration !



Other files (jna-3.5.2.jar, platform-3.5.2.jar,vlcj-2.4.1.jar) are unchanged => see previous post

This module was only a proof of concept for video integration inside Ignition.
Not for use in production. No licence for vlcj.
It would not be upgraded.

vlcj now include out of process support with vlcj-pro :

You can perhaps contact his developper mark.lee@capricasoftware.co.uk for the release of a more stable module, with licence respect.