Bypass Logged Out perspective page after using perspective.logout()

When I use system.perspective.logout() it navigates to a "logged out" page warning the user to log out of all other sessions before walking away. You have to press a button to get back to the login page. Is there are a way to bypass this and go straight back to the login page?

I noticed that in project properties, that if you remove the logged-out message under Perspective → General, it bypasses the logged-out screen. However, you still have to press a different button, "continue to log in", to be able to scan a badge for login. It's kind of annoying to have to press a button after every log out to log back in.

Sort of a 'hack', but does system.perspective.authenticationChallenge with the forceAuth parameter set do something closer to what you want?

Not quite, the session remains authenticated with the last user. I'll just have to deal with the operators complaining about needing to push a button to get to the log in part every time for now.

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