Bypass login screen

Is it possible to bypass the login screen? I have an application that needs to be totally open, no logins. I thought maybe it could be done using AD and passing in “Everyone”, but I thought there needs to be an easier way.


Try setting the auto-login property on the project. See the User Manual

You can set up the system to automatically login a user when FactoryPMI runs. To do this, go into the Gateway configuration website and carry out the following steps:

  1. Set up a user with the appropriate permissions under the Default profile name in Authentication Profiles.

  2. Go to Projects / Manage and edit your project. Set its Authentication Profile to Default, then set its Auto-login username to the name of the user you created and the Auto-login password to match the password you set.

When you run your project, you will only see the login screen briefly before your first window is displayed.