Bypass ReportViewer

Hello, I am trying to eliminate the need for a view in perspective.

How it works now:
Basically, I have a table on a main view. When a user selects a record and hits the view report button, it takes the user to another view with a ReportView object in it and a button to get back to the previous view.

What I would like:
When the user clicks the view report button, a new browser tab opens with the report. I want it to work just like the “Popout” button works on the ReportViewer object does now. I am not sure if that is a PDF as the user is not required to save it, it just opens in a new tab.

Is there a way to have all the pages in a report be visible in a ReportViewer without having to click the next page button or the “Popout” button?

I appreciate if someone could give me some general suggestions on how this could be possible.


You could generate the report to PDF bytes instead of opening a view, then deliver with Your user should then have control over how that opens.

Yeah, I thought about that. Not exactly what I want, but maybe a download button and a view report button…
Thanks for the reply.