Cache map for offline usage of map component

There is cases using internet is forbidden for security reasons in industrial plant.
In these cases how I can cache the map images in server for use in client without internet in map component?

I haven’t used the component before, but it looks like it is able to read from a disk cache. Can you run the SCADA on a computer with internet and collect a number of map tiles for different zoom levels, then copy these to the actual server itself for it to use?

With kymera map you can run it on computer with internet and manually pan and zoom on map to cache the tile. After that go to inductive automation folder in data/tiles/ you will find the cache tiles. Copy them in the same directory for other server and you will have it offline.
The only problem is you have to get tiles manually by moving around and pan and zoom the area you want

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Just to update this: I found these tiles under the user’s .ignition\cache\<tile_server> folder e.g. tile_server = arcgis_0