It look like caching is on a project basis with only one cache. ie: every time you change projects, the cache is thrown out.
Can this be changed to remember the old project cache?

Exactly what cache are you referring to?

Caching of the screens. I’ve read a description in the forms of how caching works with in a project. The first time you open a screen it caches it so that the next time you don’t have to download from the server.

This cache appears to be thrown away when you switch projects.

Ok, thats the cache I thought you were talking about. This is a purely in-memory cache. It is certainly thrown out when switching projects. Its also thrown out when logging in/out, updating the project, switching users, etc. It is a very ephemeral cache, and there are a variety of technical reasons that it works like this.

I’m guessing you want it retained for performance reasons. And so, along these lines - how about we just make opening windows much faster rather than altering the cache.

I’m fine with that. Toward that end, see this thread

Hi @Carl.Gould. I know this is an old thread, but can you please help inform me on how to speed up loading screens and in increasing performance? Expression and indirect addressing objects seems like it takes forever to load and I am staring at a screen with error overlays. It looks pretty bad as you navigate from page to page. TIA!

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