Calculate Product Count

Hello Members,

I have created a dashboard for various machines on the floor along with the required parameters including the product count too. Now I have to calculate the Product Count for the DAY i.e. considering Shift I, II & III (Which start morning 6:00 AM to 5:59 AM the next day morning) instead of the regular 00:00 AM to 23:59 PM

Can anyone help with the solution, hope I have explained the problem in an understanding manner to you all :slightly_smiling_face:

I am searching for a solution by query to the Database hope it's the right way I think, but un bale to get the result. I am using MYSQL DB for my project

Thanks in advance,
Bharat Vinchwekar

How is the data being stored? Do you have sample data you can share?


For the machine, I have created a UDT in which one parameter is Product Count which gets incremented every time JOB gets over on the machine and that parameter or TAG has been added into the historical DB. currently, I am in the halfway process of the project.