Calculated Contacts

The manual says: “This can be really useful as it can allow you to add users one at a time, making use of flow control methods like a for loop. You can then use external information, such as database records or Ignition’s built in user and security functions to determine who to add.”

I don’t see the insert tag or property value icons and when I try to type them in they don’t seem to work. Like {[default]User1} works on a numeric label but not in the Calculated Contacts. The manual shows everything but in the examples.

The syntax you gave is used in expressions while this feature uses Jython scripting. Use scripting functions to read and write tags here.

Thanks, I did find that last night. I get lost in all the places you can put code and what type can be used. I wonder if they could color code it or something?

I don’t suppose there is a way to get the Alarm Properties in the expression?

It’ll become obvious once you’re used to it–Jython/Python doesn’t look much like the expression language. One tip that may help is comments in expressions are denoted by double slashes // while comments in Python are denoted by the pound/hash sign #.

You mean in the script (not expression)? If so, the bottom point here is the key:
The event object contains the alarm properties. I haven’t played with this to confirm, but I expect you’d access them via something like event.propertyName or event.get('propertyName').