Calculating KPI based on timerange defined by the user

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I'm new to perspective, so this question might be easy to answer. I have one KPI defined that is calculated every 10 seconds and simply returns a 1 or a 0.

What I want to do now is based on the user-defined time range on a dashboard to calculate how often it was 0 or 1 to show a percentage value when it was 1 in that time range. Can someone point me in the right direction on how to do that?

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Where is the information stored? Database? What is the table structure (column names and data types), etc.?

The data tags are coming from a MQTT Engine. I thought to historize them so I can access then the historical info.

Column: IsActive
DataType: Boolean

historize it, query the history as stored via tag history binding, parse/evaluate the data with a script transform on the history binding

this Simple Rectangle Chart may also be useful.

You're missing t_stamp, machineId, partsCount, rejectCount, runningRecipe, etc. Expand your thinking! What else would be useful for reports?

What Ignition version and modules are you using?
Do you have a Historian licence?

That's how it worked! Thanks a lot.

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