Calculating OEE losses

my oee is AxPxQ

I am trying to get the losses as percentage of the full picture?
has someone done stacked graphs of OEE and the losses totaling to 100%?

(1-A)                                      (1-A*P*Q)
-------------------------------   x

OEE = A × P × Q
Losses = 1 - A × P × Q

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Did I do this right?

I found the percentage loss of each per the total each loss contributing to the total loss

(1-A)                 (1-A*P*Q)
----------------   x

percentage loss per the total contributing losses ratio multiplied by the OEE loss will get me the OEE loss per loss, I think
It is pretty abstract to me still.

if that is correct, then I think my simplest form is:

my selects are huge for this in my query, but I think I am getting them in a tenth of a second

This denominator doesn’t look right at all.

That is one of the things I am struggling with.

I tried this with 1% 20% 50%, 33.3% in each, and other variations

If I wanted to get availabiltiy (A) percentage of OEE :

A / (A+P+Q) * OEE ?

I would look into this site/link

just browsing over it gave me a lot of clarity.

That site has numerable issue imo

first, your oee calculation can end up over 100%, and the even comment on it
Performance = (Total Count / Run Time) / Ideal Run Rate

but i think that is another discussion

I used the Sepasoft definitions. Still I don’t see much on the losses themselves in the format I need for my graph

Given OEE = A · P · Q, to solve for any one variable, you need the other three. Do you have three input values to get the fourth you want?

what’s wrong being over 100%?

Without knowing your ins and outs that doesn’t discredit it.

For example, if I have a good run with good operators who finish earlier than standard generous estimated time. I would hope it would be over 100%. In fact it might bother me if it wasn’t.

could be something off in the math, or too generous on some inputs possibly,. The formula seems pretty solid to me though.

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I cleaned up the notes and columns some, so hopefully if I have an error, it is more obvious.

@andrews more concisely I want to say
Compare What Is OEE - MES Platform 3.0 - Sepasoft MES Help Documentation
imo more traditional, performance can’t be over 100, matches data I have that uses sepasoft module
I want to say thanks for trying to help me too.

Sorry I write so much. So many details to track.

I really could not see much difference between that link and mine in terms of equations.

Are you sayings you are getting different results with your own formula vs what sepasoft is showing you?

Performance = (Total Count / Run Time) / Ideal Run Rate
Performance = (Ideal Cycle Time × Total Count) / Run Time


Performance = actual number of units started / (standard rate * actual runtime) from sepasoft site

I said site is not so good imo and I thank you for trying to help me

I am working on the losses as a percentage of the total losses for a stack bar chart