Calculating Percentage In Report Based Off Query Results

I have a named query I’m running and it’s interpreting some data from my database (mostly totals). I’m trying to calculate a percentage based off of those totals and I haven’t been able to do it in the query itself. Is there a way I can calculate this percentage using scripting and have it show up in my report? If so, how do I reference my query data? I want to calculate a percentage of Good Parts to Total Parts.


I’m surprised you can’t do that calculation in the query, but never fear, you can use a script datasource.

Just make sure it’s lower down in the list than your query datasource and it will have access to the results of the query.

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@KathyApplebaum Thank you for your answer. I’m wondering if you could maybe share an example of how I reference a specific column or row of data from the query? I’m new to programming and sometimes struggle with the proper syntax.

Also, my script doesn’t show up as a data source in the report. (I can’t insert my script as a data source in a text box)

The linked docs have examples towards the bottom of the page.

Another option that may be simpler than a script datasource in this limited case would be a keychain expression:
Something like @TotalParts/GoodParts@ - filling in the correct data keys as needed.


Where do I implement these expressions? In the data tab of the Reporting Module as a script? Or a parameter?

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Keychain Expressions are used in the Design tab of the Reporting module, so you would write the expression on a Text Shape/cell of your table.


That worked Perfectly! Thank you @PGriffith and @Paul.Scott! It might be something worth adding to the Ignition manual that the Keychain functions are implemented in the design tab of the Reporting Module.

Thank you all for your help!

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