Calculator Vision Component

On most previous HMIs on other platforms, for some operator popups, such as sequence selections we add a calculator icon in the corner that when clicked open the Windows Calculator App. Just as a general tool for the operators.

Though all those platforms were windows based and obviously with Ignition being deployed across different platform I can’t assume a project will always run on windows. So I could check the OS of the client and try to call the appropriate scripts to open the native calculator app for that OS but I see that getting messy.

I was planning to build my own calculator template in the designer for doing simple arithmetic which would be built in and used inside the Vision Client, instead of opening a third-party app. However is there another way to do this? Or is there a tool which has already been developed?

If not I thought it could perhaps been thrown out there for consideration to become a standard vision component in the designer that could be added onto a vision window.

There probably is. But it wasn’t invented here. You realize you just caused all the little programming squirrels on all the little programming wheels in all the Ignition module developers’ brains to hesitate and crash into the bars? So we can contemplate the glory of implementing a new calculator component in Ignition-flavored Java Swing? Because we can. And with a Reverse Polish Notation mode too, cause we’re also engineers.

{Sigh}. You’re supposed to do this on a Monday, so we can pretend to be writing important code while we futz along for the whole week. And definitely not do this when a vacation is coming up soon, like for me. {Heavy, drawn-out sigh}.


There is a calculator made by Chris Taylor in cloud templates already, under the utility section. Might want to start there.


Invented here! Here’s to dodging a productivity bullet!


Cool Thanks. I hadn’t checked that cloud template library out before. That calculator will do the trick!