Calendar Control layout

Hi all,

I want to use the calendar control but there is a big gap between the dates and the time spinner. Is there any way to reduce or remove this gap?


Wait three weeks? Go to a different country? :slight_smile:

Most months need five lines for the dates, but this month we have the unusual situation of a month with only 28 days that starts on the first day of the week for the locale you’re using, so only 4 of the 5 lines are used. There are two possible ways to handle this – we chose the “fixed size so you don’t have a component jumping around in size as you change the date” approach instead of the “make the calendar as small as possible, but make the size jump around oddly” approach.

OK, I get it now.
It just looked like a big gap, but I see now that it can only looks this way in February and only every few years. It just happened to be one of those times when I was testing it.