Calendar not formatting/latching correctly

In V7.5.3, the Calendar component doesn’t: 1) display the time as formatted in the Format String property, and 2) with the Show OK Button checked, the Latched Date doesn’t have any affect on the calendar. I.e. - during runtime, the time and date are still displayed (every time the window is opened after a client has been newly opened) the same as it was in the properties when the window was last saved. It doesn’t reflect the new format string, and it doesn’t save the latched date even when the OK button was pressed.

Do you have a binding on both of these properties?

There are no bindings on the Format String, or on the OK button. There is a binding on report that is bound to the Calendar Latched Date, so that everytime the report is opened, the Start date and End date are supposed to be where the last user had viewed it (as determined by what dates they clicked OK on).

Right, every time a window is opened for the first time in the client the values of properties that are not bound are the same as you saved them in the designer. You have to bind the properties to something to make them change the first time. After the first time the window is cached in the runtime so it keeps the last known values.

The component works as expected for me. If you want you can call us to show us what you have.

We were (incorrectly) under the impression that a calendar’s latched date stayed latched regardless of which client last modified it, and that the latched date stayed with the window, not just the client.
What we were looking to do is have it so that when a manager viewed a report, the dates were always as they were the last time somebody viewed the report, the last time they were modified, regardless of clients opening and closing. What we did to resolve this is creat memory tags named Latched_Start_Date_1, Latched_End_Date_1, etc… We bound the calendar’s latched date to the memory tags and it now works as expected. If you have a more efficient solution, by all means throw it out there.
Thank you for your feedback

That sounds like the best solution. Changes to the memory tags will be system wide so all clients will reflect the changes made. The only problem you may run find with this solution is if two people are viewing the calendar component at the same time. If one changes the date stored in the memory tag then the calendar on the other client will update to reflect the change.