Calendar or Scheduler module/ function

I am looking at the possibility of converting a Cimplicity based system over to Ignition.
One daunting problem is the lack of an Action Calendar type program and day of week attribute in the time functions.
I am very new to Ignition so I might very well be missing something. I am starting to write a script to query a table that will hold date / time parameters and a related trigger tag that will be used in a group.

Is something more Application-like on the way? Could it be?

Thanks for great product.

Dave P.

The idea of some sort of scheduler has come up before. In the meantime your approach of putting scheduled items in a DB table and writing a script to periodically check for what time it is and run them is a good and flexible approach.

There is a “dayofweek” attribute for the date functions, by the way, looks like it didn’t make it into the manual (its a recent addition).